Monday, 3 October 2011

The Three Sided Coin

We all know that one somebody or have heard about that one somebody who at a time was every guy’s play thing or everybody’s nightmare. You know, the babe that nearly all the guys in the class could boast about conquering or the guy that was so troublesome or worrisome that no one really wanted to be around him. Remember how you would point the finger or nod your head in deep disappointment or judgement. For many of us it took years of growing up and information to understand that that slot or jerk had deep issues they were dealing with that the outside world couldn’t know about or understand. We get to see after a while that there was a different side to the story which if we knew, we wouldn’t have been so quick to judge.

If life were as simple as a two sided/faced coin, then many issues could be dealt with easily. Unfortunately, I’ve never come across a coin with only two sides. You see, its very easy to notice and stress on the head or tail, while its just as easy to forget about the edge of a coin. Yes, it may seem useless and insignificant, but it’s a part of the coin none the less.

People are complex and people mess up. But before we jump to judgement, conclusion, a messy breakup etc etc, let’s bear in mind that there maybe another side of the story that we haven’t considered. Another side that may not necessarily excuse their mess up, but explain it enough to remind us of one in-escapable fact; we are all human. After all, where would we all be without 2nd, 3rd or even 4th chances.

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