Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hennessy, boys and hot chiquito! 8-10-11

Sometimes things turn out best when they are unplanned. That’s exactly how it happened. A chilling Saturday evening somehow turned out to be a clubbing Sunday morning. I didn’t plan to be there, but I was.

It was the Hennessy artistry crew in the FCT and the show went down in Aqua. I could start with and go on and on about the rather ‘simple’ bouncers at the door who did not understand the purpose of an I.V, but I choose not to. Instead I will start with how empty the club was. Like for real, who handled their marketing?? This was past midnight on a Saturday night. Not like it was totally empty, but there was a lot more dance floor than there were people. For a place that was expecting eLDee, Banky W and Tiwa Savage, the turn out wasn’t great. Would you hear that that trio was in town and you wouldn’t show? Exactly. I mean how many people even knew such was going down. I bet if it was Lagos this event would have been handled differently. Na wa o, Abuja must not carry last. Anyway, enough of that banter. I proceed.

After facing the shock of uneducated bouncers and a scantily filled club, with hardly any time to recover we were soon introduced to the DJ’s poor skills. This was after I had spent at least 10 minutes trying to defend Abuja’s social life to a restless Lagosian. This one, I couldn’t defend. Like, I really need to know wasup with DJs in this town. I’ve come across 3 poor Disc Jockeys in prime spots, in one week! (No I’m not an owl, it just happened to be one of those weeks). Well, what could we do, we had to manage what we had and party anyway.

Though the beginning was quite shaky, this event turned out to have a couple of surprises in store for us hungry fans. By the time the Hennessey trio came up to the stage, the party had turned out to be quite the star fest. With the crowd all gingered up for the evening, eLDee, Banky W and Tiwa Savage gave us a nice thrill. I must say, they are a perfect blend. They finished each other’s songs, danced to each other’s tunes and got quite comfy with each other - Banky and Miss Savage that is! For a minute I thought clothes were gonna start coming off! I don’t blame him the babe is hot and she sure knows how to rock the stage. Honestly ehn, if I were a guy…. Sha, that’s by the way. And Miss Savage herself had confessed some attraction to the W in her interview by Dolapo Oni on 53 Extra. The whole thing was all so exciting that by the time eLDee got round to singing his hot track ‘Higher’, I nearly crase. I no shayo that evening, but I nearly crase. To top it all up the freshest kid on the block gave us a surprise performance. That’s right, Wiz Kid was in the building and boy were we happy. I bet that was just a favour he did for his fans and for Hennessy. As if all the excitement wasn’t enough, Flavour showed up! Unfortunately for we ladies, he wasn’t giving Hennessy any freebies L

After the live performances the party kicked into high gear. It didn’t matter anymore that the DJ’s skills were kinda lousy, we rocked that joint! And OMG, you should have seen the girls all over the celebs in the building. I don’t blame them o. In fact, if not because I have to be a lady I would have been all over Mr Flavour my self. All in all it turned out to be a good party. We showed up for eLDee, Banky W and Tiwa Savage. We ended up with them + Pheroshuz, Flavour, Wiz Kid, DJ Zeez and a number of other celebs that came for the ride. The event may not have been handled well enough but the stars sure knew how to party!

Hmm, Pictures? Err what pictures? I was too busy having fun! I no be paparazzi abeg (hissing loudly).

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