Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh no, the terrorists are winning...?

The fear tactic is working! No one in Abuja wants to go out on October first! Events are being cancelled, post-poned, denied, delayed and every past tense you can imagine. No October 1st parade in Eagle square (what a boring event anyway), no shows, no nothing. I mean I even hear call to bar has been moved to town for security reasons and corpers aren't having a passing out parade. Oh no!

While we wait for the government to do something about these restless, obviously jobless highly paid individuals, I wonder what we as Nigerians can do besides hiding in our houses and grtting our teeth out of sheer fear... .

Unemployment, envious greedy ex-power holders etc are behind all these. God go catch them o, all of them! After all presido talk am, he talk say he no fit be like lion (at the 51st anniversary church service) which is probably a good thing cause the ones that rule and feel like pharaohs end up being so arrogant and punished by God for it (case study, Libya). So, we can rest assured that if God is not against our president...

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