Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Abuja For The Rich

Walking down the streets of Abuja looking for a keke napep to hop on, – the lovely breeze that hits you while in that 3 seater is beautiful – I came across a ‘circus’ show. Some idle bystanders e.g. me, had encircled a couple of entertainers looking for a way to make some quick money – you know the hustle now. What were they selling? Snake for show. Some guy supposedly had a python or cobra in a box. The game plan was to charm the snake out of the box, prove that he can handle danger in his hand without getting hurt and peddle all kinds of ‘herbs’ that will help you with your various problems ( because of course if he can charm a snake he can naturally charm any problem out of your life ). Sadly, before the show could really take off, I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t that idle after all. I quickly asked a fellow bystander if such an act was possible, she answered in the affirmative saying that he had done same the previous day and gotten plenty of money from amused bystanders. If only I had the time to wait there, perhaps I would have paid the said charmer into making me as hot as Abgani Darego *huge sigh*.

As I left the place I got to thinking about how there are alternative sources of entertainment in this town. When I first got here, I thought Abuja was just so damn expensive and wondered how people of different classes (except the rich of course) survived in this town. However, with time I came to realise that somewhere in between the Chinese, Italian and Continental restaurants, there are the Jeveniks, Mama Calabar and Oceanic bakeries. And somewhere in between those other options, there are the little side bukkas that feed hungry workers. O boy, those bukkas have saved my  a** time without number. Fish at the famous Abuja parks and gardens can cost quite a lot, but only if you choose to go those expensive places. Buying a bottle at the club can cost you an arm and then some, but not if you choose a different club. Fashion, entertainment, accommodation etc etc, all have alternatives.

Essentially, I’ve come to realise that Abuja is not that expensive because there are so many other options.  So, however you want to live La Vida Loca, don’t be scared of the big C.T, cause if your mind is open enough you can have enough fun to keep you going till you find yourself in the big leagues. *Wink*.

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