Friday, 25 May 2012

My Azonto For Your Alanta {Its been long, i know. Sorry!}

That Nigeria dominates the African entertainment scene has been a fun fact to discover. Its cool to know that other Africans around the globe are clamouring for Nigerian products. Imagine the delight when I learnt that home videos are hot cake not only in Africa but all around the world, particularly the Caribbean. I mean its so hot there that there is a serious piracy issue! If in your simple mind you’re wondering why I’m excited that Nigerian movies are being pirated, let me put it this way. If 50 cent wasn’t so hot, you wouldn’t be able to buy his stuff for N150 in the market cause the marketers wouldn’t invest their money to photocopy a product that wont sell. You see? Ha! So, like I was saying. Imagine the added delight when I also only recently discovered that Nigerian music is aired on radio stations in France. France! France I tell you! They don’t even speak English! Not to talk of pidgin English that is sprawled all over our music. Ha, our Nigerian artists una too mucsh, I dey hail you.

Hot on our heels has been Ghana. I don’t know about their dominating power but for sure there has been some sort of copy cat thing going on which seems to have been working for them. Not sure what I’m talking about? Take a brisk walk with me.

When our movies started getting hot, Ghana stepped up their production. When our actors started becoming African (not just Nigerian) super stars, Ghana started using them to boost their movies. Soon Ghanaian movies became hot cake in Nigeria, and Ghanaian stars also became big stars in Nigeria. Now Nigerian movies are full of them. You can be sure that if Van Vicker or Jackie Appiah is on the cover of a Nigerian movie jacket, sales are going to go up.

When our music industry took off, Ghanaian music also got better. We were no longer restricted to the likes of D’banj, we also got some good music from the likes of Tinny. Soon, Nigerian artists started collaborating with Ghanaians to boost their music (by the way I still love that remix with Lynx and R2Bees).

Fast forward to Yahooze and Alanta. The one finger in the air and monkey dance became nice accessories to Nigerian music. Now, I don’t know how popular those dance moves were outside the country, but I know that Nigerians loved them and Nigerians are everywhere!  With all the excitement and laughs that came with the monkey dance, I soon got tired of seeing it around and was waiting around for the next hot step to come into the scene. Bingo! Along came the Azonto. By who? The Ghanaians! This time dey vex better vex. The dance has become so hot that it seems to have its own kind of beat. E don even reach level where Nigerian DJs are doing Azonto mixes and Nigerian artists are singing about it. In fact that WizKid is a correct sharp guy. He sharply dropped one Azonto single.

I don’t know where this whole GhanaNigeria competition/collaboration thing is going, but it sure is fun to watch. Naija needs some solid competition for a change, so let the games begin!

By the way, I suspect Kenya is the next country to watch out for! In the mean time, check out this clip! Lol.

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