Monday, 9 April 2012

Five Reasons why you should keep watch over your employees by night (prayer and fasting not excluded)

  1. I walked into a salon to make my hair. Shocked was I to see what I saw. The owner or manager took out his belt and started flogging some of the staff (girls of course, talk about picking on someone not his size) for not being in their positions. Jeez! What if you have such as your business manager. Can’t begin to imagine the massive staff turnover.
  2.  I was reading news headlines the other day on a local TV station and I saw something like “Ex basketball star Magic Johnson buys BASKETball team worth $2 billion”. I thought “what? You mean this guy was able to make that much money from playing around with a ball?!” Errrm, I bet you know the real story by now. Wow, if that writer becomes part of your media team your station would have ‘exclusive’ access to the most ‘juicy’ stories out there. I’m just saying.
  3. I was chilling at a very popular garden, and a waiter said he couldn’t serve pepper soup because there was no cutlery at all. About 10 mins later, another waiter showed up with fork and spoon in hand. Need I comment?
  4. A certain pop STAR, and his friend – also a pop STAR, were not allowed to get on a plane because some lady oga with the airline told them to run to the gate and they didn’t. Lol. No silly, Ashton Kutcher wasn’t in the country.  Maybe she auditioned for Nigerian idol and didn’t make it? That was the most bizarre thing I heard all last year. And oh, it was a VERY popular airline.
  5. Fraud in the work place isn’t really such a bad thing in Nigeria. Pere. 

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  1. I no fit laugh die. even if it boarding school@ flogging his staff