Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Dash To The Altar

Forgive my long absence all ye faithful readers. I was caught up in the fun and excitement of three weddings and a fourth to go!

As usual, attending weddings sends me on a thinking spree especially since I'm a lady already at a very ripe age. Lol. So, I got to thinking about this whole 'settle down quickly' syndrome that tends to affect some people, parents especially. If you're a lady over 25 then you know what I'm talking about. If you're a man over 30, then at least you have an idea.

Before I go any further, let me quickly say that I adore the whole idea of marriage. I see marriage as a beautiful, romantic act that should be a source of great joy to both parties involved.

That said, why the heck would you want to rush into marriage?! With the increase in the number of people trying to rush out isn't it just better to take it easy? My biological clock, my mates are all getting married, I'm getting old & will never find a partner, my parents are on my neck etc etc. They all sound like good reasons to get married but unfortunately they often mar one's vision and make people reach for the fruit that isn't quite ripe but only appears to be so. Not that I'm saying that taking your time guarantees everything will go smoothly, but at least I believe it will give one the stamina needed to fight through tough times. Sha, maybe I'm just old fashioned in believing that one should fight for 'till death do us part'.

Please ehn, if by the way you just can't wait and must marry at this or whichever appointed time you've given yourself or God, abeg don't mind me o! I'll gladly come and chop rice and dance alanta at your reception. I'll also gladly come and chop spring rolls and drink champagne at the "I'm so glad I'm divorced" cocktail party. Lol!

Disclaimer: Some people marry because of aforesaid reasons and do stay married for a long time, though I don't know how happy they are. Some people court for three months before getting married and stay happily ever after - go figure. Some people marry for love and they are miserable - life can be funny etc etc. If you think I'm yarning dust feel free to conclude in your mind that I'm just a miserable spinster who wants the rest of the world to be miserable with me :)


  1. if we keep thinking that 'love' alone can sustain marriage; then we will keep failing. Marriage is a decision to become selfless. sounds easy rite? But selfless as used here is not the opposite of selfish. Rather is is sacrifice of 'self' for the other. it is a decision many do not make before taking the plunge. Cheers

  2. Marriage is a pleasure when you are blessed with the man God destined for you. How do you know that man? I dont know, either you goole, or pray.

    But Marriage to me is being in love with Oseyimawa for eternity, its so worth it, even thou atimes e get as e day do us