Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Air It Out.

Some things dey vex me. Infact, plenty things dey vex me. Why on earth can't you tell your heart to do something and it'll listen?! You go left it goes right, you say up it screams down. For goodness sake, foolish heart listen! And wasup with all this fuel subsidy business. Can they decide what they want to do so that Nigerians will know how to adjust their lives. Who gives a damn about their gay marriage bill? Or am I missing something? And why cant my heart just listen?! Tschewwww! I'm done venting jo, else I'll just continue till tomorrow. Next blog please! (This I'm saying to my over active mind that just has too many things its dealing with. Ha!)

PS: Please feel free to join me if you also wanna vent. Comment box all for u!

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