Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine Series: SEX: Whats the hype?

Sex on my tv, my radio, in the magazines and all over the damn internet
Whats the hype?
Two bodies engrossed in passion and desire, a temporary ecsatcy
Whats the hype?
Shyness, embarssments, heartbreaks and many more
Whats the hype?
A marriage breaks without it, a friendship ends because of it
Whats the hype?

Am I lost in a world of delusion when I think it comes 2nd place, 3rd or 4th
Is it a mere misconception when I see it as a tool that could be ignored and forgotten because the workman has other equally efficient tools

The men pay for it, the women suffer under it, the children get corrupted by it
So am I out of my mind when I ask
Whats the hype?

Passion, Desire, Love,
A bond, a language, a song
An act thats not a play, a scene written by love thats very real
Sex on my mind, sex in my heart, sex I desire
Maybe, just maybe it deserves the hype

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