Monday, 11 August 2014


Do you remember the last time you tried to do something exactly the way someone else did it? Do you remember the last time you tried doing so and failed woefully? Then perhaps you would have learnt by now that unless you are super talented in a field, trying to imitate another person ain't easy at all.

The memory I tried to get you to remember above is perhaps just one incident or maybe if you're hard at learning from your own mistakes, a few incidents. Now, imagine if you tried spending your whole life imitating someone else; how hard your life will be. If you're living that way now then you must have crashed and burned a few more times than other folks around you. Its tough enough being an original and trying to understand the manual of how the original works. Why would you want to be a photocopy of another complex original? That's trying extra extra hard!

You are an original with many beautiful and complex bits and pieces. Have you tried mastering YOU before trying to master another person? No one can do you like you can, so quit trying to be someone else right now and enjoying discovering and re-discovering yourself. Be it in your career, your marriage, your family, among your friends etc. Be you, you'll grow to love yourself! And if by any chance you don't, holla!

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