Monday, 8 April 2013

Mysterious Woman: Art Thou?

Falling for a man can be so magical. You meet, you connect, you find yourself on cloud 9 and you just want  to tell him all about yourself. Whats more, the guy listens! He's so into you that he really wants to know everything about you. He pays so much attention that he can repeat everything you're saying word for word. Its allso romantic that you can't believe you've found your soul mate...Its a trap! Stop it right there and put on your inner light!
One of the lessons I've learnt about men is that they really don't want to know it all. Yep, even that man that  is staring into your eyes with so much passion & saying 'tell me all about yourself', doesn't want to hear it all. He's telling you lies and he himself may not even know that he is lying. Eziokwu! They may seem really eager to hear and know everything and push and push for more, but once a man knows it all or even thinks he       knows it all he starts to become bored. Men like mystery. They want to see you like the Ogre in Shrek. No not as an ugly woman, but like an onion with layers. A man wants to feel like he is constantly unwrapping you day by day. He wants to know that there'll be more to you tomorrow than there is today. If you give him     your life history & show him everything there is about you today then he just might run for fear that this          interesting lady will turn to a bore tomorrow. 

I know it may seem like I'm talking the impossible especially considering that you're hoping that there are      years ahead for both of you, so here are a few tips that might help:

1. If you’re just starting a new relationship, take your time in unwrapping yourself to your man. Have no fear that you’ll soon run out of new stuff cause if you really look at it, you’ve been on earth for a while so if you    take your time, he’ll have years to catch up on. This is one instance where age works on your side ;) 

2. You don’t have to put every step of your life on twitter, facebook, google plus, etc. Leave some info over to discuss with your man at the end of the day so that he doesn’t get all your gist elsewhere. 

3. Even if you think you've bared it all, there's still some little mystery left in you if you work it right. E.g, he   doesn't have to see you brush your teeth, shut the door. Yep, it can be so simple. Of course he knows you  brush (otherwise you wouldn’t have a man), but keeping that hidden can make him think: na wa o, why does she hide that from me? And then he becomes more curious about you. See how that works? Thinking of all  sort of little things to hide away can make a difference.

4. Come up with new things once in a while that are different from the norm. A strip tease, a picnic, a sleep  over for the kids so you have the house to yourselfs, his favourite meal when he least expects it...use your      imagination. This will make him see you as an interesting woman that has something new or different to offer every now and then. 

This isn't meant to be a quick fix for your problems or guarantee that he'll never leave. But its something to   help you add some spice and stay interesting. If in doubt ask a trusted man near you. Whatever you do don’t dull, bring out the mysterious you asap, its a whole world of fun you're missing out on if you aren't, because  trust me, playing mystery woman can be so much fun not just for the playee but also for the player ;)

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