Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Na U Get Mouth!

O boy, young people in Abuja dey vex o! There’s some kind of cool rap culture coming up and it almost walked past right under my nose. Not that I’m a huge fan of rap or anything like that (though I’ve had secret crushes on 50 and Cool J) but when I see a cool movement I like to feel like somehow I’m a part of it. Roll your eyes if you like, I know you like to feel cool too. Its all about whether U Get Mouth or not.

UGM – U Get Mouth, is a brainchild of Buzzent Networks.-A bunch of young guys having fun with the entertainment industry and trying to create a fun entertainment culture for young cats in the FCT. Once a month UGM gives a platform for up and coming artists to show what they’re made of. Whether it’s a pre-recorded track or freestyle over instrumentals, rappers are welcome to show off. The highlight of the event is a freestyle battle that’s divided into stages. Attendance is free, the laughs are free and sitting around looking cool is definitely free. With a Dj on standby its actually a party without being an actual party. It was interesting watching young people (mostly in university or fresh out of it) chilling and having a cool hang out spot on a Saturday other than Silverbird. In fact, I started feeling 21 again J. Call me agbaya if you like, I don't care!

I’ve missed a couple of the events and after attending this one on Saturday, I don’t intend to miss anymore. There’s no fixed venue, the idea is to move around like a train. This last one took place at Match Day in Wuse 2. For the next venue you’ll have to follow the Buzz guys on twitter - @megadon05 or @UGetMouth. I tell you, if you're a fan of Naija rap you don't want to miss it cause you just might spot the next big thing there. In fact I foresee this event as one that record execs will, in future, begin to look out for to source for fresh talent. In the mean time I’ll make sure I stay aboard the train, especially since it’s a good excuse to have a glass or two on a Saturday afternoon without looking like a drunk who can’t wait for the evening weekend drinking sessions to begin. Lol. Here are a few pics I was able to get a hold of. For more, track down
Performers: Lucky Lee & Prizzy Priest

Perofrmer: Nuke & friend

Peace out yo. I'm off to practice my rhymes so I can join the next UGM freestyle battle ;)

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